Our Focus

We focus on yacht designs up to 200ft (length of hull).

Design of a Yacht

Initial design starts with the client’s desires, and then the design process proceeds according to the rules of thumb outlined in the design journals of Edward Burgess, W. Starling Burgess, and Charles P. Burgess


Building the design begins with the careful laying down the keel tibers, and joining the frames that define the shape of the hull.

Attention to Detail

Designing and building a yacht is all about the fine details of traditional designing and building methods of every classic yacht.

Sea Trials

Before delivery of the new yacht to the client, it undergoes extensive sea trails to ensure the quality of the design and building of the yacht. Fine tuning of every facet of the yacht to ensure peak performance and satisfaction of her sailing.

Burgess NA Design Group

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It is our philosophy that the end result of any of our sailboat designs is that the boat is not the conclusion of a destination sought "...to own and sail a finely crafted yacht." The sounds of wind and sea, spoken in the language of a wooden vessel... lavished the senses and seduced the souls of the sailors of old during the classic Age of Sail*. The boat is only the means by which you live in the beginning of lavishing in the eternal experiences of every sailor who ever sailed upon the seas in wooden ships, sharing with them in the "here and now" of endless horizons.

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